Find out the main policy and planning considerations of developing district heating, and how to create a Transition Roadmap for your region

Aberdeen aerial view

Transition Roadmaps and Transition Guide

Read the six pilot area Transition Roadmaps and learn how to create a Transition Roadmap for your own region

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Guide to Mapping Heat Demand

This guide provides an overview of the data sources and key elements you will need to consider when creating or analysing a Heat Demand Map

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COMING SOON: Spatial Policy for 4DHC

You will soon be able to read this guide to find out the main spatial policy approaches to securing DHC through new developments

Policy, Legal and Regulatory Review

Read this overview of the national policies and main barriers influencing the development of 4GDHC in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It also includes recommendations and good practices

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CO2 Emission Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the emissions and cost/benefit of a district heating solution over individual heating alternatives for a specific area in North-West Europe. You can also read the guide on how to use the Excel tool here.

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